Strategic Planning

This service is related to an organizational and management activity focusing on management knowledge for the analysis, design, implementation and planning of the business through of a holistic and systematic approach that allows developing and executing of the strategy of our clients.

Tax litigation

With the support of specialists in the legal, accounting and tax law area we attend discussion processes of taxes and penalties; we prepare answers to routine and special requirements.

Our lawyers are experienced and keen minded for representing our clients in administrative proceedings before ordinary courts or arbitration tribunals.

In order to defend the interests of each of our clients, our lawyers request the advice from a lawyer of the litigation department as soon as the possibility of a conflict arises..


Transfer Pricing

We start with of the design of operations and contractual or corporate structures and evaluation of their effects on transfer pricing. Likewise, we define the approach and methodology to carry out the economic analysis of the company, through personal interviews, verification of transactions at market values based on economic analysis. Finally, we perform audit visits and fulfillment requirements.

Inventories and fixed assets evaluation

Our service starts with the classification and update of the inventory system of fixed assets furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, tools and vehicles of the company. We also perform valuations of property, plant and equipment and buildings applying IFRS. We have a highly qualified and trained team; with the experience of 10 years in the market, required to perform this task